Another edition of the Portablebodycode show is Aug 28, from 6 to 8pm CET, my guest is Echocords Kenneth Christiansen


I am launching my own record label called Khoikhoi, named after the first tribes in the South African region where I grew up.

It will be specializing in a range of electronic music curated from around the globe.

First release is a Portable Ep entitled ” Believing ” due in November !

New Portable EP out on Dial Records  entitled ” A life without notifications ”

My New project, PORTABLE PRESENTS RANGEr out now on Waella’s Choice , have a listen below

” Alan Abrahams aka Portable aka Bodycode is an artist very much defined by his
past and his journey from South Africa to Paris via Berlin and Lisbon has seen him
develop into a critically acclaimed producer, singer and video artist working with
some of the biggest players in electronic music.
Part of his constant drive to evolve and challenge himself, this autumn Abrahams
launches new project RANGEr, teaming up with London label Waella’s Choice for
the debut release. The five tracks on Portable Presents RANGEr are a delicate
mélange of jazz , soul and electronic and one of Abraham’s most explicit nods to
his South African roots. ”


Self-directed music videos


Portable is Alan Abrahams, a South African born artist and producer who is also a celebrated live
Portable grew out of the ruins of the post apartheid era of South Africa.He’s was the generation
that was to bring about the freedom of Nelson Mandela and all that followed for he’s country.
He later moved to London to establish he’s electronic music career.
In London, Abrahams began recording as Portable, the experimental, atmospheric
project that acts a living link between the indigenous African sounds of his youth, and those
first records whose futuristic aesthetic broadened his horizons.
He founded he’s record label Sud Electronic with his partner Lerato Khati and released a string of
seminal and highly regarded releases.
A succession of full-length albums followed ,namely Cycling and Futuristic Experiments #005
on German label Background records ,” Version “ on ~Scape records.
After 10 years in the London bustle he decided to switch gears and moved to Lisbon, Portugal.
He’s album Powers of Ten for he’s Süd Electronic imprint followed in 2007. A rich and expansive
record, Powers of Ten further explored his African heritage through a new lexicon of sonic
Lisbon was he’s base for 5 years. Here he launched he’s alter ego project BODYCODE for Detroit
label Ghostlyinternational / Spectral. He went on to release 2 albums, “ The conservation of electric
charge “ and “ Immune “ under this moniker to huge critical acclaim.
The next capital city would be Berlin, 6 years in this music capital cemented his deeply syncopated
brand of electronic dance music. Portable’s music reached a new level of exposure when the 2014
track “Surrender” received a “Best New Track” designation from Pitchfork, and appeared in reedited
form on DJ Koze’s critically acclaimed DJ-Kicks mix (named the #1 mix of 2015 by Resident
Advisor). And the video to which was named 2nd Best Video by Inverted Audio.
This gave birth to further video experiments which Portable began to use for he’s many live
Portable signed to !K7, and released his sixth full length artist album through the label in August
2016. The 11 track affair is his most personal yet, and as such is a self-titled work that features plenty
of his own vocal work, as well as some choice collaborations.
Alan ,Portable is now resident in Paris, France.
2018 is the year of great expansion for Alan Abrahams.
March will see a new Portable release on German Label D IAL records.
He launched a new 3 piece live electronic band called RANGEr ,which is released on UK label
Waella’s choice.
Besides touring regularly he also has he’s monthly radio show on
And in April of that year He starts a residency at Paris’s Carreau Du Temple with rising Italian
choreographer Francesco Collavino to flesh out a contemporary dance piece with Abraham’s
music and video.


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